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What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a system of movement and exercise, developed in the 1920s by German physical therapist Joseph Pilates. His ambition was to create a set of exercises that work the body from the inside out, leading to a deep structural fitness as opposed to the superficial and cosmetic fitness often obtained by conventional fitness programmes

Key benefits include:

  1. Relief from aches & pains
  2. Aids post-injury rehabilitation
  3. Improved muscle flexibility
  4. Better posture
  5. Mind-body connection for greater body confidence
  6. Increased joint mobility
  7. Superior abdominal strength
  8. Enhances sports performance
  9. Maintains muscle tone for expectant mums.
  10. Long, lean defined muscles
  11. Eases neck pain and headaches

Who can benefit?

Pilates is a whole body workout that is challenging on muscles, yet gentle on joints, it can benefit all individuals, ranging from the elderly and those who suffer from lower back discomfort, to fitness enthusiasts. The increased strength, flexibility, alignment and physical awareness from a specific pilates programme is also great for athletes, such as golfers, tennis players, tri-athletes and even dancers to improve their performance and prevent future risk of injury.